The Day I Left Facebook-Part 4

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Today I turned on my computer and I saw a little shortcut that was a link to facebook. I didn’t know why I hadn’t deleted it already, but I was thinking that I shouldn’t delete it yet. From this, I knew that I still wanted to return to facebook, even though I was feeling fine about leaving it earlier. Now it seems that my alternative forms of communication have fallen short of the communication capabilities given by facebook. It was true. I guess that I miss facebook. I feel like I’m depriving myself from it. What could this mean though? Was I at one time addicted to facebook? Is everybody else who is still on facebook becoming even more addicted? This stuff was just too crazy to think about.

Alex and I haven’t said one word to each other about leaving facebook. He still seems so calm about it. I was almost sure that he forgot entirely that he had a facebook in the first place. That was incredible. I think about getting back on facebook all the time. Maybe it was because he didn’t have as many friends as I did, or maybe it was because he did not go as in depth to the facebook world as I did. All of this was very possible, and from this I have realized that facebook has changed me without me even noticing. So where does this leave me off with 8 days left for a decision? Well, I feel like I’m too far in to back down, far enough from the ending to quit, but I also feel that it’s too early to give up. 


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