How To Reduce High Risk Pregnancy

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There is an occasion, and there is fine occasion. We now have joy if we are told about it. It comes in many types – a graduation, a promotion, a raise, a wedding, and for a couple, a pregnancy. Nothing could be better occurrences than the start of a new life. . But sometimes, as if some sort of a joke, this good news is coupled by some bad news – and in this case, the possibility or case of high risk pregnancy. High risk pregnancy may occur in women of young or old maternal age, that are malnourished and overweight and with preexisting history of diabetes and HIV. Nevertheless, high risk pregnancy is also likely to happen to women who are physically fit before.

Some ordinary causes of high risk pregnancy are gestational diabetes which only occurs to pregnant women, preeclampsia and eclampsia which affects the kidneys, liver, and brain, preterm labor which occurs before the 37th week of pregnancy, and HIV which progressively destroys the ability of our bodies to battle infections and other types of cancer.

But the great news about this and that is that the causes which exposes women to high risk pregnancy can be treated. One solution is regular prenatal discussion which can help both the mother and her baby and lessens the risk or prevent the development of serious problems during pregnancy. Another solution to reduce the occurrence of high risk pregnancy is for the woman to take not less than 400 micrograms of folic acid daily before and during pregnancy. Folic acid is best used to stop spina bfida in your baby. Taking both vitamin B12 and folic acid ensure that the right amount of DNA and RNA that are require by your baby’s need are produce. Folic acid assures that the genetic code of the baby inside your womb is intact.

The other approach to help lessen high risk pregnancy is the proper administration of immunizations before pregnancy while there are other types of immunization which are administered during pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant, an immunization against measles, mumps, chicken pox or rubella should be taken During the waiting months for the baby in your womb, it is necessary to maintain a healthy weight and diet. It is with wisdom that that pregnant women must stay away from smoking and taking of alcohol and drugs.

One shouldn’t forget also that getting regular physical activity isn’t advised against pregnant women but rather encouraged. Exercises reduce hypertension and diabetes. In return, there are some restrictions to be implemented. Before starting your plan to undertake an exercising activity, visit your physician first for a check up to verify if there are limitations to the physical activity. Take extra precaution that no physical action you take would not cause any harm that will place you and your baby to risk.



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