Aweber Review: Is It The Best Autoresponder Out There?

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Why is an Aweber review essential to your online business?

First of all, if you’re not using an autoresponder, it is an essential part of any online business. 

You know how when you sign up at Sears or JC Penney’s you start getting stuff in the mail?

That’s how they make long-term, crazy amounts of money.  You can do the same with an autoresponder… You get their information, and then you can send emails to them whenever you want for as long as they are on your list.

I wrote this Aweber review so that you can understand if Aweber is the autoresponder you should be using.

I’ve personally used a couple of different autoresponders, and Aweber is still my preferred choice.

They make it very simple to export and import lists.  This means that if you want to switch your autoresponder service, you can still keep all your old contacts.

I use my autoresponder to not only keep track of who is in my list, but also to organize them by how long they’ve been on my list and if they’ve bought stuff from me.  This helps me to optimize the emails I send out for maximum impact.

Of course, an Aweber review wouldn’t be complete without noting their exceptional affiliate program. 

It costs $20 a month for the service (a complete bargain), and for everyone you can sign up in it, it’s about $6 a month into your pocket.

I know, that sounds like so little… but remember that it’s a service that everyone needs.  Plus, when they sign up, they’re very, very likely to keep it.  That’s an automatic $6 that probably won’t go away.  Sign up 20-30 people, that’s decent money to put into your business.

Overall, most autoresponder services offer very similar features and benefits.  However, I greatly prefer Aweber simply because of the clean layout and how easy it is to navigate and use.

Hopefully, this Aweber review has helped you make a decision for your autoresponder needs!

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