Xowii Reviews ==> 3Rd Party Critical Overview… Should You Join?

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A lot of Xowii reviews out there are written by current Xowii independent distributors.  Obviously, these kind of Xowii reviews are biased and are intended to get you to join under them.

That’s why, unlike other Xowii reviews, I decided to do some research and report what I’ve discovered about this company and if it is a good one to join.

Like just about every other MLM out there, Xowii’s cofounders have been around the block.  They’ve been entrepreneurs for decades, and are experienced pros in direct sales and network marketing.

Their compensation plan (like any other compensation plan) can make you money if you can recruit and help your downline to duplicate.

Then, you have to look at their product.  If you’re interested in weight loss nutrition drinks, then maybe Xowii is right for you.  If you can get excited about the company’s product, you can be successful in almost any MLM.

However, let’s ask ourselves a few questions.

Can the product stand alone?  If the product were on the shelves at Wal-Mart (at that price), would people be interested?  That is a very good indicator if the company is going to be around for a while.

I personally am attracted to MLM’s that distribute products of more universal appeal.  There are a gazillion nutrition drinks out there.

I prefer company’s that either sell something that everybody needs, or a tool to help build online businesses.

My last point (that most biased Xowii reviews won’t mention) is that the training is outdated!

Most company’s still work off the “old-school” model of write down a list of everyone you know from the school janitor to your neighbor’s puppy.  Then, go bug them!

So, in conclusion, Xowii is a great company to join if you don’t need more training, and if you are really excited about the product.  Other than that, I would find a different place to spend your money!

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