Education of Forest Proposed Strategy

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These are undoubtedly the best places for imparting advanced training to our future foresters.

Since future forestry is going to be very strongly agro-based and will be largely housed in agricultural heartland of the country, the best place for generating properly trained and professionally committed manpower and for conducting research in naturally Universities of Agriculture. We cannot make any progress in forestry without integrating it firmly with existing agriculture system.

Forest education and research must, therefore, be based on and housed in agricultural universities. Unidersity of Agriculture, Faisalabad and University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi have already taken a lead in establishing fullfledged Departments of Forestry. Basic infrastructure for education and research is already available. These Departments are free from all tradition bound inhibitions, misconceptions of the past and from an attitude of indifference to the future challenges.

These are amply equipped with vision and dynamism which is indispensable for success. These Universities of Agriculture are certainly such institutions that can meet the forestry related challenges better than any one else. These universities have close links with NARC Islamabad, Punjab Forestry Research Institutes, Faisalabad and with other agricultural research institutes, universities and colleges of the country and can easily and effectively extend the message of forestry throughout the agricultural community of the country.


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