Why is it That Love Can be so Soul Destroying?

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3 May 1995

The pain lingers on

out of reach,

as another day escapes my mind

and my shadow fades into the earth;

Each moment nauseating

weaving through my veins,

as one more rumination

seduces my sanity from soul;

Fate has not reverence for mortal love

He scorns our passion,

and burns our breath with bitterness…

Yet only when true love is foreign.

To relinquish the romance

inundating my desire,

is a loss of heart and soul

I covet not.


16 May 1995

Your love deceives me

like a rain cloud jesting a yearning desert.

It appears as a streak in the heart of my skies,

slowly expanding

as I expose my coveting need.

I pray for the promised submerging showers


just before desired rains flood my destitute land,

a cold wind surges past,

and my cloud drifts off

into the darkest blue.

I remain standing

my head drooping alongside the dehydrated flora,

night falls and soon establishes

      a sedated peace.


the sun will shine down on me,

the rain having dissipated.


19 May 1995

She has a tongue of fire

her words as cold as pain

and with her heart of thunder

she stings the bleeding rain.

She moves with blood, warm

flowing through his veins

and seizing his heart

he is a puppet in her games.

She toys with his affection

like a panther in the night

she stimulates desire

with his fear comes her delight.

Bold is her appearance

an exhibited rule in her game

and with talons to capture-

escape can no longer be made.

He makes a conquest all the same

a quest of fleeing from her pain

he tries to elude her essence

but cannot from her game,

She feeds on his valour, now lame.

She deserves better than a life, futile

as she cannot suffer to be alone

thus she, the prisoner of love

take her man to be her own.

A life so endless of lamentation

for love…

Escape can no longer be made

Running just a part of her game

of love…



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