Pushy Parents do More Harm Than Good

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Pushy Parent do more harm than good

Every parent feels proud when their child is born, and this will continue as they develop and progress through life. But is there too much attention on wanting to have the brightest child ever? Even if your child is super bright, are they going to have a better life, or more money than their less intelligent peers?

In a class of 30 children, there has to be the top, middle and bottom of intelligence ratings. Not every child can be a maths whizzo, or have an aptitude for science, and a good knowledge of grammar, and how to write. Sport is important too, as some children will be outstanding, whilst others are mediocre. Children with a good imagination often shine in drama classes, and others find their skills are great when cooking.

But some parents are so desperate for their child to be good at everything, they will arrange for them to have extra tuition, just so they can keep up with their peers. They feel unless their child proves to be well above average, and pass all their exams, there will be no chance for them in life to carve out a suitable career, and earn good money. These feelings are only natural, but may not be right.

I know someone whose son was always super bright. He sailed through every exam, and graduated with honours. He took a job as a teacher, but he did not have good communication skills. He ended up as a supply teacher, and then he lost that, and has been unemployed and living at home for many years. His parents gave up so much to finance his student loan, and he has never been able to pay them back.

His sister was just average at school. She joined the bank as a school leaver, worked her way up, and now has a very good well paid job. She is married with 2 children, a nice house which is paid for, and money saved already for her retirement.

I think the most important assets to get on in life are not brains, but communication skills, patience and a willingness to learn, because it’s never too late. Being happy helps too, and learning to cope under stress. Sometimes parents impose too much stress when their children are young, and it’s not about being the brightest, it’s about being happy in your life.



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