How Can it Be?

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How can it be?

A good toad in the holeA good toad in the hole

I wonder why, if I arrange to meet someone at a certain time, we never arrive simultaneously.


If I am in a strange town , or even a different country, I can sit at the same table in the cafe as someone who lives just around the corner from me.

If I aim at the centre of the dartboard, I will more often than not, miss it.


If I toss a ball, or something similar without trying to aim, it will go into an open bucket, or somewhere that I would n’t have a hope in hell of hitting, if I was really trying.

If we have visitors, my Yorkshire puddings refuse to rise, and won’t come cleanly out of the tin.


If we are alone, they will rise in splendour, and come cleanly out of the tin. The last time I was embarrassed was when my partner said to our visitors that no-one could make a toad in the hole like mine. It was meant as a compliment, but the stodgy mess that came out of the oven was unrecognisable, and yet I do it the same way every time.

If I have an important date, or interview, and want to impress, my hair lets me down.


If I am having a day at home when no-one will see me, my hair will be soft , shiny, and manageable, and my fringe will lay flat.

If I say that my dog is well behaved, or my baby doesn’t cry, they will both do their best to prove me wrong.

If I take my umbrella with me because rain is expected, then it won’t rain.


Of course, if I leave it behind because the sun is shining, then the rain will come.

For me, that is the definition of ” Sod’s Law.”


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