The Spirit Molecule Movie

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The Spirit Molecule Documentary

The following documentary is definitely genuinely a great treat to the eyes in addition to the psychedelic mind. Mike Schultz plus his group have made a great documentary regarding DMT-The Spirit Molecule as well as the mysteries that encircle this particular strong, natural and mind altering molecule. This particular DVD had been Undoubtedly well worth each and every cent and I’ll surely be encouraging this as soon as it goes around to theaters in La. The actual psychedelic visuals will be magnificent along with the interviews are perfect. Well done and wonderfully created.

The Spirit Molecule Documentary

The following is a summary belonging to the The Spirit Molecule: Movie
weaves an account regarding Dr. Rick Strassman’s amazing DMT research via a approach to that challenging hallucinogen present in the human brain as well as many hundreds plant life, such as  ayahuasca, sacred Amazon brew. Using interviews which has a number of experts to express the views and also experiences using DMT, and also ayahuasca, inside their respective areas, and talks with many Dr. Rick Strassman’s research volunteers, brings to life the magnificent effects of this chemical substance, plus highlights us all to far-reaching concepts concerning its position inside human consciousness.
The Spirit Molecule Documentary
Many subjects explored include things like possible tasks regarding DMT, it’s theoretical purpose within birth and near-death experiences, alien abduction experiences, along with spiritual states, equally inside of Eastern aspects of enlightenment as well as Western concepts with regards to prophecy, and the uncanny similarities within Biblical prophetic texts describing DMT experiences.

The Spirit Molecule Documentary

This delicate stimulating mixture of science, philosophy, sociology, anthropology and spirituality  in the movie´s approach sheds light on a multitude of thoughts which could significantly change how human beings understand your universe as well as their own connection to it.
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