The Worst Used Cars to Avoid- Popular Consumer Reports

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The  Worst used cars to Avoid:-

“Consumer Reports” an online magazine published in America by the coinsumer union is an authentic source for the reviews and valuations of many a consumer products. Used car is one of such products .One gets an idea of the used cars to avoid or to be prefered should one do some research using the site.The Magazine claims to have a subscription of about 4 million and an annual budget of testing of 21 million. The subtle difference between the consumer reports and other online review magazines or sites is that the former does not accept any advertisment nor permit the manufactureres to use its review for expliting the competitive commercial market. The site has of late became synoymous with the purchase of any house hold utilities or automobiles. No wonder consumer reports’ used car section has become a favourite among many potential consumers

The magazine that funds its programs only through the members subscriptions purchase the products in retail for test and review and Consumer reports publish reviews and comparisons of a variety of consumer products, the cars new and used being the most popular items of product.  Consumer products publish these reports based on reporting and results of its own in house testing laboratory. It is worth mentioning in this regard that the magazines annual consumer reports new car issue being released every April is the best selling publication all over the USA and is also a determining factor on the values and performance of the new and used cars.

Consumer reports while considering the performance of the used automobiles consider the average performance of the comparable vehicles in multiples years to have a realistic assessment. The vehicle that has a lower average performance is considered as bad bet and reported.

We discuss below a few bad bets from among the many used car lemons for the benefit of the consumers.

BMW 7 series: –

The BMW 7 series produced by BMW replaced the “new six model” in 1977 and is the flagship car of the company and  available as a sedan is a full size luxuary car. There have been four generations of the 7 series. As per the consumer reports the bmw 7 series used vehicle is not a good bet and better be avoided. The fuel economy and the control are the grey areas in the performance of the vehicle.

Chevrolet Astro:-

The chevrolet astro the mid sized van was introduced in the year 1985 as a rival to the american competitors like Plymouth voyager,ford aerostar etc. The vehicle  gotpopular because of the large space by big families and commercial and conversion companies. Falling sales of the vehicles compelled the manufacturer to  close the plant and stop production. The major criticism against the vehicle was the vulnerabulity in accidents as a result of the collapse of the occupant compartment in a test by the IIHS leaving no scope for escape for the driver in an accident . The vehicle do not find a place in the recommended list of the consumer reports and is one of the used cars to avoid

Chrysler Town & Country (AWD): –

This mini van marketed by Daimler Chrysler was introduced in the year 1990. The success of the dodge Caravan and the Plymouth voyager prompted the manufacturer to introduce this luxury van in the market. Though the Chrysler minivan was the best-selling Mini vans in the USA ever since its introduction the vehicle is not a favorite for the used car seekers. The review and feedback are not encouraging and the vehicle does not reported to give good performance after the first three years.  The feedback also is critical about the cheap parts, defective manufacturing transmission and worst customer service. One may not find the name in the consumer reports used car recommended list.

Dodge Grand Caravan (AWD): –

The Dodge Grand Caravan (AWD) is a mini van produced by the Daimler Chrysler and also marketed by them until 1998. The company is famous for creating market for the Mini Vans. The vehicle though popular on its introduction is found to have decreased demand among the used car buyers due to its poor performance compared to the contemporaries. The buyer is advised caution with regard to this used vehicle.

GMC envoy: –

The GMC envoy is a SUV from the GMC marquee of the general motors. The vehicle was a luxury trim line that used a 190 hp vortex 4300. The vehicle retired after the year 2000. The lowering demand for the new and used GMC envoy may be one of the reasons for the withdrawal of the vehicle from the market and is considered as a low performer as per the consumer reports used car review.

The Jaugur S type:-

The jaguar S type introduced in the year 2000 by the British marque jaugur of the ford Motor company is a mid size luxury car.The vehicle undergone changes in the year 2003.It  is available in both petrol and diesel powered engines. The 2.5 L engine though is not available in USA. This is also not considered as good bet for the used car buyers by its dismal performance and discouraging consumer reports.

Kia sedona:-

Kia Sedona or the Kia Carnival is a Mini van produced by the Kia Motors.The vehicle that had a lower base price than most of the minivans. The vehicle available in USA with a 3.5 L DOHC V6 engine with a195hp . in botrh manual and automatic transmissions with A5 and A4 speed . though the vehicle is less costly in the market the performance report and the reviews of used vehicles are discouraging and is not a preferred one among the buyers.

Lincoln navigator

The lincoln Navigator once one of the most popular full sized luxury SUV wasintroduced in the market in the year 1998. Thouhgh it commanded around 40 percent market share in the year 2001.could not  sustain its used car market and used Lincoln Navigator is considered as a bad bet.

The Pontiac Aztek:-

This midsize cross over SUN produced by the General Motors in the year 2001 was available as front wheel drive and all wheel drive. The expectation of the manufacturer of the sale of 70000 picees met with disaster and could not break even in 2001 inspite of sales to captive rental companies and its own executives.The pricing of the vehicle was also for its disadvantage. If you Find  used pontiac Aztek recommended elsewhere better make a thorough research on the vehicle to asess whether it suits your requirement. This vehicle is not considered as a good bet for the used car buyers and the reviews and reports are disappointing.

The Saturn VUE:-

The first vehicle touse the G M Theta platform . Starting in 2004 all 6 cylinderVUEs were equipped with 250 hp L66engine manufactured by Honda and also Honda Transmission. The vehicle could sustain the market and is not a favourite among the used car buyers. The consumers reports used car section do not recommend the same and is one of the used cars to avoid for obivious reasons.

Consumer reports .org is a useful site to do some meaningful research on selecting a best bet for you as far as the used cars are concerned. The reviews are reliable and authentic. One gets a good feed back of the best and the worst used cars in their reviews . Though the ultimete choice belongs to the consumer the site can offer very valuable inputs that may influence one’s final  decision.You can find the Atoz of used Cars here


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