Avon Supershock Mascara Product Review

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As I was in need of a new mascara and the Avon book had just been dropped through my door I decided to give one of their ones a try as I have had some good makeup from them in the past. The one which stood out for me was the super shock mascara, I am not sure why but I think the final decision came as it was on offer at the time.

The mascara comes in a standard black plastic tube. There is blue writing on it which has the Avon logo and the product name. there are no ingredient or directions for use on the tube. The information about the mascara come son a plastic covering which covers the mascara when first bought, this is easy to remove. The mascara has a screw lid which also doubles for the handle for the wand. The handle is a good thickness and is very easy to grip and hold and the wand / brush on the end is also a good size. The length of the brush is approximately 3cm long and ½ cm thick, it is also straight. I find the straight brushes make the mascara much easier to apply.

Application is very simple, the mascara comes out of the tube very nicely on the brush and so far I have not found any large clumps of black on it. I have found it is simple to apply this to my eye lashes and I have not had any accident as the brush is large. On the brush there are lots of small bristles which means that I am able to cover all of the eyelashes with fewer strokes. Also I find that the extra bristles means that I helps to separate the eyelashes and make me have the appearance of having extra ones. When it comes to applying to the bottom lashes this has also become easier and again I find I look like I have more as they are separated.

I am more than happy with the results that I got from this mascara. My eyes seemed more framed and even when not wearing eye liner my lashes were noticeable. They looked longer, thicker and as if I had more. I would not say that I got shocking results from this like claimed and for me I liked the fact that this can be wore daily and I don’t have to go on the school run looking like I am wearing false lashes. I found that the mascara lasted for a full days wear and did not fade, I had no incident of panda eyes even when they had watered slightly from the sunlight outside.

Removing the mascara was very simple, it wiped off with ease when I used baby lotion on cotton wool, I also found that the following morning I did not have any small smudges from bits which had not been wiped off. There is a claim that this mascara is waterproof but I have not had the need to test this, I feel that from the results I have had and how good they have been then I can believe this claim and not have to worry about a few tears when wearing.

The mascara comes in a tube size of 10ml and has a shelf life of 6 months. I have been using mine for over a month now on a daily basis and have not noticed any lack of liquid when removing the brush from the tube. The price of the mascara is £8.50 but I got this on offer for just £5. I is only available from Avon and this can be bought through your local representative or online from their store.

I am more than happy to give this mascara a good solid 4 stars and a high recommendation. It does not work as well as claimed but it does give good coverage making lashes look longer, thicker and the appearance of more of them. The price is good when on offer and this makes for the perfect daily mascara.


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