What Caused My Yeast Infection?

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When it comes to yeast infection, it seems that almost anything can set them off.

Swimming, wearing tighter than tight jeans, and even scented soaps and body washes can all cause yeast cells to overgrow. But, there’s a lot more to it than choosing the right shower gel. Read on to find out more on the causes of yeast infections, and why so many women suffer from this annoying infection….

Your immune system…

Everything from the foods we eat, to the common toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis can weaken our immune systems. Our bodies are pretty resilient, but after constant exposure to harmful pollutants our bodies slowly start to weaken.
As soon as the the immune system is weak, our bodies are far more likely to suffer from illnesses, and a common result of a weakened immune response is a yeast infection. If your immune system is strong your body will have no trouble keeping the yeast cells in check. But, as soon as we begin to weaken, the yeast cells are free to grow and spread freely around our bodies. The more yeast cells there are, the weaker the immune system becomes, and our heath slowly begins to suffer as a result over time.

Eating a bad diet…
Eating the wrong foods will also help to weaken the immune system.

But it can also increase your risk of developing a yeast infection.

If you eat a diet that is high in sugar, junk food, yeast based foods, diary and processed foods then you’ll be at a far greater risk of a yeast overgrowth.
Yeast cells love all those foods that are bad for you especially sugar. If you’re eating a diet that has very little nutritional value, and consists of primarily junk based foods you may find that your immune system is very weak. You’ll also find that your digestion is extremely sluggish, and that any nasty symptoms or health problems your are encountering are being caused by a yeast overgrowth.

Poor lifestyle choices…
Most of us are guilty of not taking great care of ourselves. Sure, this isn’t so bad in the short term, but if you don’t take care of yourself in the long term, your body will start to suffer. We all need to get plenty of sleep each night, reduce our stress levels and eat and drink the right things regularly. If you’re not doing these things on a regular basis, you’ll soon notice that your health is suffering as a result.

It’s only a matter of time before you experience some of the common yeast infection symptoms.

Making matters worse…
Teaming the above three with a yeast promoting trigger such as wearing synthetic underwear, swimming in a chlorine pool, maintaining poor genital hygiene, wearing tight jeans, using contraception and perfumed soaps and gels (to name but a few) may be all it takes to cause your yeast cells to overgrow and spread into a nasty and painful yeast infection.

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