Protecting Your Heart on The Altar of Treadmill

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Treadmill is a great way to better health right at home. Our sedentary lifestyle has brought us to a state where we struggle to find place and means to keep our bodies moving. We lack exercise in our daily life. Even if we want to do some walking exercise, we do not have enough open space to do it since the cities and urban areas are congested and more polluted. 


Treadmill, which was invented in 1817 as a punishment in British prisons, has come to our rescue as equipment for walking exercise. Dr. Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton invented the first medical treadmill which was developed later as fitness equipment that could be used at home. It is a great boon for exercise, especially for doing cardiovascular exercise at home.

Cardiovascular exercises a need of our life     

1) Our heart needs exercises to burn the calories and to keep it healthy. 

2) Cardiovascular exercise is an activity that can raise the heart rate to a higher level. It can strengthen our heart and increase our lung capacity.

3) It reduces the risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes.

4) It helps to eliminate the fat lining in the blood vessels and keep them thin.

5) Cardiovascular exercise helps growth of anastomosis among capillaries.

6) It reduces stress.

7) It helps to have good sleep.

8) It reduces and controls weight and protects us from obesity.

Use of treadmill

We can use the treadmill as per our need. In the beginning we have to be careful to start. We can build up gradually and systematically. We can start with 5 to 10 minutes, as we find it comfortable, and gradually increase the time every week. Nowadays all the gyms have treadmills. One can get proper guidance also in using the treadmill. Treadmill can be used for walking and in course of time for running.

Make out a plan, a suitable schedule of your exercise and follow it regularly to keep your heart healthy with the help of the treadmill. 


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