10 More Common Phobias

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  1. Dentophobia: As you might be able to tell from the name, this is fear of the dentist. Some people are more than simply bothered with a visit to the dentist’s office, but have a deep-rooted fear of such.
  2. Hoplophobia: This is a fear of weapons, usually with a focus on firearms. This term pops up every once in a while in the media concerning politics, but this is an actual phobia recognized by mental health professionals.
  3. Entomophobia: Are you scared of insects? If so, you might suffer from entomophobia, which is the fear of insects.
  4. Ophidiophobia: Do green, scaly things that slither give you the chills? If that’s the case, you might have a fear of snakes, which is ophidiophobia.
  5. Cynophobia: Cynophobia is the fear of dogs. This one is sad, because dogs can be great friends, good workers and even great members of the family.
  6. Hydrophobia: This is actually a symptom, not a recognized mental health issue. What it is is the fear of water, which is a common symptom of those who suffer from rabies.
  7. Anatidaephobia: Fear of being watched by a duck. Okay, okay, to tell the truth, this is not a real phobia. Artist Gary Larson made this one up for his The Far Side comics. I thought it was worth throwing in to lighten the mood.
  8. Technophobia: A person who is afraid of technology suffers from technophobia, and is often labeled a technophobe. This term has gained some general mainstream use during the last few decades, but it is an actual phobia recognized by doctors.
  9. Panphobia: This is probably one of the worst phobias to encounter. What is it? It’s the fear of everything.
  10. Nomophobia: This is a pretty modern phobia, but it’s real. It is the fear of being out of range of cell phone contact. As if the whole world didn’t exist for thousands of years before cell phones came along.

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