Pull On Nappies For Convenience And Comfort

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Incontinence is an embarrassing problem that affects both men and women. It can be in the form of a mild leakage to uncontrollable wetting. If you suffer from this problem, you may feel ashamed to go outdoors with your friends and family. Pull on nappies are a great way to manage this problem simply and effectively.

Disposable Pull On Nappies

You can find a wide range of pull on nappies in the online store. Disposable nappies offer a comfortable and dignified alternative to traditional incontinence products. They offer a cost-effective way to manage leakage, while coughing, sneezing, laughing or running.  They come with elastic waistband that allows you to get a perfect fit and extra comfort. They have side seams that aid you to remove them easily after use. These cloth-like waterproof nappies offer maximum wetness protection. They have leak guards on sides that prevent leakage of urine on the sides. They are available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes, so you can easily choose the one that gives you snug fit.

Pull up nappies unisex model offers you a higher degree of mobility and freedom. They are made of breathable, air flow material that helps to keep your skin dry and healthy. The cloth like material makes them ideal for discreet wear. They boast of several layers and super absorbent channel that locks fluid inside and prevents odour. They are designed to fit your busy lifestyle and preference.  You need not feel ashamed of your incontinence problem now. You can wear the nappies inside your underwear and go about your usual activities, without worrying about urine leakage.

Reusable Pull On Nappies

Reusable pull on nappies are the best alternatives to disposable diapers. These nappies made of superior quality material help prevent skin rashes. They are breathable, comfortable and gentle on your skin. You can go for the nappies that feature super absorbent terry layers in the middle, so that they can absorb moisture away from your skin and keep it dry. They offer maximum protection and discreetness, without adding bulkiness around your hip. You can wear and remove the nappies like underwear. They come with comfortable leg and waist bands with elastic supports. The snug fit eliminates the need of pins and snaps. You can wear them with waterproof vinyl plastic bloomers and pants. If you want heavy protection against incontinence and stay dry throughout the day, these nappies are the best option for you.  Though they are slightly more expensive than disposable ones, they save you money in the long run.

Reusable pull on nappies are free from allergies. Disposable diapers may have toxic chemicals in paper pulp that causes allergic reactions. Cotton nappies that are washable and reusable prevent these problems. You can wash them several times. Hence, they are the hygienic option to manage mild to moderate incontinence. The nappies offered by reliable companies withstand hundreds of machine washes. They do not have waterproof backing, so you need to use them with plastic pants or bloomers.

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