Exercise For Lower Back Pain

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You have to be careful if you want find exercise for lower back pain. Many of the things that you do may actually make things worse, depending on what type of back damage or injury you have. Some types of back pain respond well to exercise and physical therapy, and other types of back pain are just made worse because certain motions, making the initial problem worse rather than better. Use caution and always talk things over with your doctor before you start a new exercise program when you have lower back pain problems complicating your life.

Exercise for lower back pain can be as simple as going for a walk each day. Inactivity is the worst enemy of back pain, so make sure you do not lay around for any longer than you absolutely have to. If you can move, get up and do it, even if it is only a short walk around your block or just around the house. If you lay around for too long with lower back pain, the muscles will weaken even more and you will be in even worse pain. A day of two of rest is best, but start moving as soon as you can to feel better much more quickly.

If your lower back pain is just from sprain, you have more options when choosing exercise for lower back pain. For muscles that have spasmed, they can be rebuilt with exercise after you have taken a muscle relaxer prescribed by your doctor to loosen them up. Get moving soon, and then build on what you can do. You don’t want to overdo it, but you can do some motions that will help keep the muscles loosened up and that will allow you to do more exercises to build those back muscles back up.

Those that have lower back pain due to a ruptured disk have less options for exercise. Some can not do any at all, which is a problem. Those are usually the ones that need surgery as soon as possible. Some ruptured disks do not hurt, and a strong back is a good way to make sure that the spine stays in line and that there are no further problems. Exercise for lower back pain when a disk involved should be discussed with a doctor. They can tell you what you should and should not do.

If you are not sure what is causing your pain just yet, use a modified program for exercise for lower back pain. Twisting from side to side can irritate an already aching back, so stick with exercise that does not require extreme torso motions to either side. If you can comfortably run, that should be okay, and walking can be done if running makes back pain worse. Find and use exercises that are designed to help build and protect the back, and talk to your doctor about any sudden or worsening pain that you may experience while you are exercising with back pain


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