Adsense: Salford Quays . Mediacityuk

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Adsense: Salford Quays . MediaCityUK

(Sat Jan 22nd, 2011, by Roman Sahakov)

Salford Quays, formally the site of the Manchester Docks, is now one of the liveliest and 
innovative business districts in Salford and the UK itself. Salford Quays has been one 
the largest regeneration projects in Manchester and currently stands out with its 
innovative and inspiring architecture, hosting anything from museums to rent serviced 
office space for businesses across the UK. The most recent development in Salford 
Quays is the huge MediaCityUK project, taking up 200 acres of land with plans to use up 

Salford Quays is based on new designs, art and culture. It’s home to some of the most 
well-known landmarks in Manchester and the UK, such as the Lowry Art Gallery, the 
Imperial War Museum, the Lowry Outlet, the Millennium Bridge and the NV Residential 
Building. New projects and developments are always adding to vibrant portfolio for 
Salford Quays.

The Quays is quickly becoming a successful business district of national and regional 
importance. Each new development draws in new businesses and new opportunities 
and at each turn the Quays is always developing new designs for office space for its 
tenants; the development of the Quays eventually became so popular that a tramline had 
to be built between Salford Quays and Manchester. 

The most popular businesses that Quays 
are mainly media, film, retail and finance. GMG Radio Stations are a famous tenant of 
the Quays, producers of 104.5 Real Radio, 100.4 Smooth Radio and 106.1 Rock Radio. 

The mixture of serviced office space rentals in Salford Quays and the residential 
buildings, public transport links and close proximity of retail outlets make Salford Quays 
a popular location for upcoming businesses, start-up businesses or even well-
established businesses such as the BBC, who are planning to move several of their 
departments to the Quays once the MediaCityUK development is complete.

The MediaCityUK development on Salford Quays is predicted to be one of the most 
sustainable developments on the Quays so far. There are plans to turn the development 
into a central hub for all media, design and film businesses, offering serviced office 
space to the highest standard and a unique twist to office space rentals. The confirmed 
movement of several BBC departments has encouraged other businesses to move to 
MediaCityUK and join some of the most high-end creative media businesses throughout 
Manchester and the UK. 

However, the popularity of the Quays can also be linked with its vibrant arts centre, the 
accommodation available both in the form of flats and office space and the leisure and 
sporting facilities available. Not only does the Quays attract business tenants for their 
serviced office space and tenants for their residential buildings but also a wealth of 
tourists, who only add more life and character to the diverse Salford Quays.
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