Is it Easy to Earn Money For Survey Taking?

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If you have been letting your mouse hover over advertisements for websites that profess to pay you for your opinions for surveys you fill out, you mustn’t be too hard on yourself. Thousands of people out there wonder about whether they can really earn money for survey taking. Whether you believe the advertisements or you are a skeptic, you’ll find a little introduction here to what goes on behind the whole survey taking business. The first question you have in mind understandably has to do with what kind of money you get to make for filling out surveys.

The answer to that is simple -you certainly will make money – anything between one dollar and five dollars for a survey that can take you up to a half hour to complete. On rare occasion, you may be offered a survey that pays twice or three times that. But those surveys go out to people who fit a very narrow demographic. They want people who are in a certain kind of job, who travel a certain amount, who have education of the kind they have in mind and are ones who buy certain kinds of products. Some sites only give you gift certificates that you can redeem – but only for a few things like magazines or music. The funny thing about many websites that pay you $15 a survey is that you have to spend money with them to earn that $15 commission. These are typically product trial surveys. They’ll ask you to give them your credit card number so that you can buy the products they are offering. You’d test those products and give them your opinion. For all this trouble, you may or may not stand to make the money they promise.

You will find that many surveys that you get at the regular legitimate survey sites are meant for children to take. You can only use those surveys if you have children. You call them in and ask them the questions on the questionnaires. Almost always, you’ll be paid in the end after the processing time it takes, by method of PayPal. Sometimes, they’ll send you an electronic coupon or a check (even if checks take the regular mail route and can take forever to get to you). Your best bets are companies like Survey Savvy, Zoom Panel, Opinion Post and My View.

With the strange survey companies, you probably have to keep looking at lots of their e-mails and go through lots of dead-end questionnaires that you don’t qualify for. It’s difficult to earn money for survey taking with anyone but the legitimate companies like the ones above. To make sure that you get your surveys done in a reasonable amount of time, you have to fire off those answers and not think. Even have to feel guilty about doing that. When you really dash off your answers, you complete your surveying in the amount of time they estimate it will take you. Usually, a survey takes anything from 15 minutes upwards. If you have two surveys open at once, you can do it with the least amount of wasted time.

If you want to earn money for survey taking, you have to be sure that you understand that this is something that takes time. Stuff you do online has a way of convincing you that it’s easy money. Money is no easier online though than it is off-line.


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