What Motivates You to Work?

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What motivates you to work?

Is it money? Or personal growth?

If you say money, then you’ll probably end up working as one of those people who are sick and tired of their lives. In Japan, they commit suicide because of that.

What about Personal growth?

Have you even stopped to consider working for personal growth?

There’s not much money in it at the start. It may take decades till you get it but at least you won’t end up as a puddle of bloody broken bones at the bottom of a skyscraper.

You see, money comes and goes. personal growth is forever.

Once you’ve attained certain levels of personal growth the skills that come with it are hard to shake off. It’ll last with you for a lifetime. And you can even pass it down to whomever cares to learn from your experience.

And once you’ve become known as someone who loves his work and is good at it, money just seems to appear out of nowhere and people flock to you seeking knowledge.

You’ll have to teach them though as teaching is also a learning experience.

So I hope you find something other than money to help motivate you to work. Make something out of yourself, work for personal growth. Invest in yourself, nurture your brain, expand your horizons, experience everything, grow! Grow! GROW!



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