How Not to Mess up an Email

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Everyday I receive a ton of email. And everyday I get peeved at people who do not know how to create a simple email.

It’s very easy and simple actually. Just work your way up! Body first and then attach the attachments and then provide the Subject line and then the cc recipients and finally the primary recipient. or in this sequence (based on Outlook)

1. Body
2. Attachment
3. Subject
4. CC
5. To
6. And then press Send

let me elaborate.

Compose a letter first in the body. Make it short, make it sweet, make it simple and make it specific. Or you can go right ahead and use the KISS method.

KISS stands for Keep It Short and Simple.

Now you don’t have to have the best grammar in the world or the best spelling, but you can try and minimize the mistakes by proofreading and editing the mistakes before you send it out.

Here’s a guide to what you can write about:

Topic – What do you want to convey?
When, Where, How, Why – Little relevant details that your recipient will enjoy.

Keep it Short and simple, don’t use too many technical jargon and complicated words. Unless you know how to use them or you need to use them to convey a certain emotion. Use them if you know that your target recipient (or audience) is intelligent enough to understand what you’re talking about.

Next, Attach the attachment.
Want to send a picture? Attach!
Want to send a video? Attach!
Want to send a document? Attach!
If you do this you’ll never have to come up with an excuse why you sent an email without an attachment.

It’s always embarrassing to send something and then forget the necessary attachments. Sending out a follow up email with “Sorry, forgot the attachment” goes to show that not much thought was put into the initial email.

Third, who are the carbon copy recipients? or put names in the cc field. cc stands for carbon copy. it’s important to put in these names first so that you will not forget to include people who need to know in the list.

Finally, Who do you really want to send this to? ok, provide their email address on the to field. This person will be the one who your email is really intended for. and they have no choice but to respond, if it is a business related email. Or a chain letter! hahaha

ok then… pause, breathe, click send. voila! perfect email!

they should really start reversing the fields so that I don’t receive stupid emails anymore.

again, start from the bottom and then move your way up.



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