The Ampatuans' Desecration of a Cemetery

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Where do you hide instruments of death? Why, in a place of death of course!

A large cache of weapons were found hidden in a cemetery allegedly by the Ampatuans. How fitting and ironic at the same time. The desecration of holy grounds by these demonic clan is horrendous.

And I wonder if that cemetery also houses some of the victims of their mass murder?

I hope that these guns and weapons will serve as further evidence towards the conviction of those responsible for the deaths of all those media men, family members and others during the Maguindanao Massacre.

I hope the justice system will find a punishment worthy of the perpetrators, not too harsh of course. After all, these people are still human beings who somehow followed the wrong decisions in life.

I hope that while they are languishing in their cells, the enormity of their crimes make them realize just how evil they became all for the sake of gaining power. The pursuit of government positions that has lead them to their incarceration and the pain it has caused not only to the families of their victims but also to anyone bearing the last name Ampatuan.

I am in no position to be their judge.

I just hope that this will serve as a lesson to those who bore witness to such a crime to never let bad decisions lead to irreparable damage.



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