Water, Water Everywhere Wait a Minute! It's Flooding! Everywhere!!!

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Water, water everywhere wait a minute! It’s flooding! Everywhere!!!

The Ondoy event traumatized a lot of my countrymen and it was a very unforgettable experience for the Philippines.

After Ondoy, any slightly above normal drizzle would bring manila citizens cowering to their knees wondering if they would have to face torrential floods again. This was observed to be a more common reaction for those living in low areas.

Ondoy was an eye opener, it was the first time I had seen the Quiapo underpass filled with water making it resemble a large swimming pool complete with kids diving in and swimming around boisterously.

For those who have seen the Quiapo underpass, it is not easy to fill that place up with water.

So here we are now and all I see in the news is that it’s raining and flooding everywhere.

Australia, in my mind’s eye is a dry place filled with kangaroos. It has been marred by the site of people filling up sacks with sand to quell the rising water level. I just hope no one gets eaten by crocodiles during the flood.

and Brazil, the land of glorious tan and hairless beauties (hehehe brazilian wax? get it? haha) is experiencing landslides!

Landslides? isn’t that place just a whole expanse of beaches and sand? I guess I’ll have to brush up on my education about that place.

And in the Philippines, my hometown (well close to my hometown anyway) is experiencing massive floods. Floods have destroyed crops and livestock. My hometown in Leyte depends a lot on farms and this will definitely devastate the economy due to lack of harvestable (is their even a word harvestable?) goods and products.

Forgive me for my seemingly joking narrative, but their is nothing I can do in the face of mother nature’s wrath except to make light of the disaster we are experiencing now. I just hope that this disaster will bring people closer together and make them realize that in order to survive, we must work together and with mother nature.



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