Not All Plastic is Bad.

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Not all plastic is bad.

In fact Plastic is a very good product.

It’s just the senseless people who throw them away just about anywhere that makes plastic look bad. Included in the things that people just throw anywhere are cigarette butts and other non biodegradable products.

You see, plastic is very useful. It can, if properly utilized and funded, house millions of people all over the world. It’s cheap, malleable and light.

The Philippines has started to discontinue the use of Plastic bags in Muntinlupa. I’ve been there a couple of times and you should see the amount of trash just strewn everywhere. It is downright apalling.

So the ESC or Environmental Sanitation Center has ordered a crackdown on the indiscrimate use of plastic bags in this place.

Again plastic isn’t bad, unless you throw it just about anywhere.

Being a non biodegradable product, the earth will not be able to break it down to it’s main components so it stays in the ground for decades.

This is a very environmental conscious gesture from the ESC.

Now if only they can come to an agreement with the PPIA or Philippine Plastic Industry Association so that both parties can benefit from this move. I mean, plastic manufacturing also helps provide jobs to hundreds of people. Oh wait, in the Philippines that’d mean thousands of jobs. If the PPIA loses its profits then that could mean mass retrenchment of people.

So I hope they can come to an agreement. Maybe the PPIA could provide manpower in the collection of discarded plastic and recycle them. That way they can still provide jobs and also help in this honorable gesture of promoting concern for our environment.

Oh and for those who are still using plastic bags as wrapping materials for their customers: first offense will cost you Php500.00, the second will cost you Php 1000 and the third and last offense Php 2,500.

So do your part, help out by using plastic responsibly and not throwing it around mindlessly. Pick up the trash and throw it in the right place.

That goes for cigarettebutts too!



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