Stop Flexing Your Biceps! Concentrate on Your Triceps!

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Stop flexing your biceps! Concentrate on your triceps!

It is always perplexing to me how gym instructors tend to concentrate on teaching their customers how to make their biceps bigger when they should concentrate more on triceps.

Now I’m not saying you should forget about developing your biceps. Just lay off a bit on it and concentrate on developing your triceps instead.

You see, customers want to see results fast. And when they go to a gym, they want to see things bulge immediately. Now biceps are the easiest muscles to work on.  

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Biceps have always been just for looks in my opinion. (again, they serve a purpose, but they’re usually used for showing off)

Now triceps on the other hand… they’re not immediately seen but if you check someone from the side or from the back… the formation of the triceps can either be astounding or impressive. Depending on the amount of work that’s been done to it.

Triceps also help you to lift heavier loads. They basically support your arm, the more developed your triceps, the better.

A well developed set of triceps can actually make your arms bigger in appearance too. Plus they add to the pleasing visual aesthetics of your upper arm.

So please, work on your triceps more instead of putting everything on your biceps.

You’ll love it, girls will love it and your arms will love it too.

Gym instructors might not advise it upon first meeting but go right on ahead and ask about how to develop it.

see you at the gym!



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