Buying Your First Car? Get a Volkswagen Beetle!

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Buying your first car? Get a Volkswagen Beetle!

They’re ugly, they’re noisy and they’re cheap!

That’s what dealers will tell you.

But look beyond the looks of the beetle (if you’re not yet a fan of the volkswagen beetle’s curvy body). The beetle is all form and function, from the day they conceptualized it up to the time they stopped producing them. Beetles are timeless in their styling and that’s why you’ll still see them in print media, on tv, on the road. Of course, part of it’s popularity can be attributed to the fact that there were millions of beetles set loose on modern civilization. Although it’s official name is actually the Type 1 sedan, we love them more as beetles, bugs, dubs, vdubs.

They’re ugly, but that so called ugliness is beautiful in the eyes of each and every volkswagen owner!

You can also add that the beetles body was meant to stand the test of time.

Their only enemy? Rust!

Next, they’re noisy. Yep! they are! Can’t do anything much about that. Although their distinctive engine sound grows on you over time.

You can make modifications to make their sound less obnoxious. I fitted mine with mufflers that make a deep, rumbling sound. Quieter than the high pitched whirr.

They’re cheap. Not anymore. Beetles are getting pricier as time goes by. Now I don’t really believe in beetles being sold for absurd amounts unless a lot went to fixing it in the first place.

Some people just want to prey on the gullible and sell them a beetle of inferior status at a high price.

Sellers please… be fair.

Now why would I recommend this as your first car?

Well a beetle is very simple mechanically, electronically and physically.

You can learn how to fix it literally by just reading a book! Try John Muir’s How to keep your volkswagen alive.

You can modify it to your taste. lower it, raise it, suicide it, put in a bigger engine, put in a smaller engine, paint it mild, paint it wild, customize it, restore it, oh so may things to do to it until you are satisfied with what you have.

Join a club to learn more about it.

So just try to consider buying one.

And when I see you on the road I’ll flash my lights and honk my horn! Good day!



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