Google Adsense Makes Sense to me

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Google Adsense makes sense to me

Google ads, it’s everywhere!
People like it, hate it, don’t care about it and just like air it’s still there. It’s everywhere!

I was affiliated with Google Adsense before and loved having it on my blogs as it added some air of prestige to a local website owned by a local boy. Everyone around me was asking about how to get one or how to add it to their blog and I taught them how to.

Until everyone around me had Adsense on their blog as well.

I was no longer unique. No longer special.

I became adventurous. I swore off using Google Adsense even if Google treated me well.

I searched high and low for other advertisers.

I found adhitz.

I found adbrite.

I found a lot of others.

And most of them closed shop.

I then realized that Google Adsense was not supposed to make me feel like I was elite, or special or any other misconceived notions I originally had about it.

Google aimed to make things easier for everyone by bringing ads right at everyone’s fingertips. Google aims to make everything easy to reach for the common man.

I was one of the common men.

And so I sucked up my pride and ended up reapplying for google adsense.

It took a while but I finally have it back on my blog and I’ll never, ever leave.

Google Adsense just makes sense to me now.



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