Help! I've Got Nothing to Write About!

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Help! I’ve got nothing to write about!

Paper? Check!
Pen? Check!
Inspiration? uhh…
Topic? uhmm…
Anything? err… ahhh…

That’s my mental monologue for the past couple of days.
I’m an amateur writer with nothing to write about.
I’ve searched high and low for things to write about and yet nothing seems to interest me enough to write.

Is this what they call a writer’s block?

Earlier this year I made a vow to write at least 10 topics a day and post them in an effort to earn something and I haven’t made good on that promise. Everytime I want to write something, another thing comes up (my day job).

On weekends I sit in front of my computer, wracking my brains and still nothing.

I try to do other things in an effort to add some variety that could lead to some topic, any topic and still no luck!

oh poor wretched me.

I shall go hungry because my brain refuses to conjure words and phrases to spin a tale to amuse you. A storyteller with no story.

How can I go on with my absurd plan to live on the things I write if I can not even put 2 words together much less 3?

oh woe is me!

Help! I’ve got nothing to write about? Will someone, anyone give me inspiration to write?

I’ll take any topic you give me and see if I can write something about it.

And if I don’t, then this literary malady is still upon me and I will forever go into obscurity as “that guy who stopped writing” or something worse. I might as well sell all my belongings, pack up what little clothes I have, hike up to a cave and live the rest of my life as a hermit living off the fruits of the land. Or start begging on the streets, not for coins, but for ideas. Well maybe coins wouldn’t be so bad.

I can now picture my tombstone

“Here lies Chester
Wanted to be a writer
Eventually died of hunger”




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