Facebook: Are We Losing That Personal Touch We Use To Have?

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Facebook is a networking site like no other.  It grows day by day and there are currently more than 500 million users worldwide.  In a statistic it was said that Facebook users average more than 130 friends each.  That is just an average though.  Everyone combined spends approximately 900 billion minutes on facebook each month.  900 billion minutes per month!  How astonishing a figure is that?  There are more statistics available but the thing to think about is this.  Each user on average will make about 90 pieces of content a month.  That content can be something as simple as a post to a friend or another forum. 

Times have certainly changed haven’t they?  I can remember visiting my friends and then asking them to call me when they got home.  I remember using a phone and letting them know that I will write a letter to them.  I remember calling someone on their birthday.  Remember those days?  The way it seems to work now is you will ask your friends to call you when they get home and before they call they will post something on their “wall” telling you they are home.  If you ask your child if they called Grandma (who of course has facebook) to wish her happy birthday they respond simply “I posted on her facebook to wish her happy birthday”.  Then you ask again if they have called her and they come back with again “It’s ok, I posted, she already knows”.  Sometimes the personal touch of a simple call is going away.  Even the simple e-mails have gone away.  Instead of that personal e-mail to your friends we tend to just post on their wall or respond in someone else’s post. 

Facebook is great don’t get me wrong.  It is great for networking and getting your name out there.  It is great to keep up on friends you rarely see.  Where do we draw the line though.  We have people literally upstairs and 50 feet away from us posting a question for us and then they want us to post them back to give the answer?  Huh? 

I guess some of us need to get use to the fact that times are definitely changing.  They way we give and send information is changing.  The thing we must keep in mind is that facebook and other social sites isn’t the problem but, how we tend to use it can be.  The same goes for technology.  

One more thing:  Don’t worry there will be a “tweet” to all my followers when this article is published!

If you can’t beat them join ‘em

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