Training For a Marathon

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Rolls around summer, many people of good sportsmanship to participate in a marathon for a difficult exercise that can really bear fruit. If you’ve never run a marathon, it’s never too late to start! Dozens of demi-marathons are sponsored by various suppliers and competitions across the country, and you do not need to be in shape to complete an incredible. Run a marathon can be a very rewarding experience, it can test your physical and mental endurance, and help you to work on a new target. If you are looking for new activity and the purpose of putting the cap on a marathon can give you a new perspective! 
It strengthens the heart and opens the capillaries, sending energy to working muscles and tired muscles waste rinsing.

·         It strengthens muscles of legs and ligaments, which improves your endurance.

·         It increases your speed on the whole, even for shorter races.

·         He teaches the body to burn fat as a fuel.

·         It develops your mental strength and coping, skills which enhance or improve your level of confidence.

·         It helps you to socialize and meet new people.

·         It helps you test your body to the limit and break out of your use of the monotonic time.

Although the completion of the marathon can be sometimes difficult, good preparation for these training sessions will make this much easier to accomplish important workout and need very clean and effective training for a marathon. Here is the list of areas of concern that require careful preparation of your forward your marathon.

·         Select an event: Doing a marathon starts with the identification of the event. Select an event you think that you can achieve. Do you overestimate!

·         Buy the right to speed: Make sure that you are training in sports footwear to maximize absorption of shock. Clothing should be light, suitable mounting and must be absorbing perspiration. Avoid long cotton T-shirts because they tend to absorb and retain the sweat, which makes heavy fabric, causing rashes body when the T-shirt rubs against your body. Try one of synthetic and lightweight materials designed to remove moisture from your skin and allow it to evaporate quickly as DriFit Nike and DuPont CoolMax. Use Body Glide, vaseline or similar products on the feet, under arms, between the thighs to eliminate or reduce friction and / or vesicles. Wear sunscreen whenever you train in the morning.

·         Define objectives to training for a marathon: There you will do no good to simply run until you’re tired of your training period. You need to set specific targets. Set goals you the operation of a mile or two each week to put in place, you should be running on average around 30-40 miles per week.

·         Join racing club:. Consider joining a group organized running. It is a good way of social assistance, make new friends, and avoid the monotony that may occur when you run only. You’ll see that it makes a huge difference to run with others! You can also ask more experienced members of the group to provide you with more information about the marathon.

·         Focus on nutrition: Of training for a marathon ensure that you have a balanced diet, increasing your carbohydrate just before a long race. The week before the marathon focus coverage complementary stocks glycogen by increasing your carbohydrate; Most reserves of glycogen in the muscles, you can perform. Bread, rice, pasta, cereals, potatoes, fruit and vegetables are good to eat food.

·         Do not overlook hydration: Hydration is another important aspect of running a marathon. It is important that throughout your training, you dehydrate you, try to drink as much water as possible, diluted fruit juices are okay to drink before executing and sports drinks or isotonic drinks (most sports drinks commercially available are isotonic, examples being Gatorade, Powerade, etc) can be a help to give you the energy and keep you in breath longer.

·         Training plan you: training throughout, sticking to a schedule of training, which will provide targets for you keep motivated. The marathon is the most distant objective, but also reach some goals to work over time. Run a marathon intensive pre-employment training. You need to find a schedule to follow, it ya many important programs training marathon on the Internet as well as in fitness magazines or race. There are schedules for runners of news as well as for experienced athletes. Choose one that is adapted to your own situation. Once you establish a schedule, you no excuses give to spend days of training. Keep a journal of training for you help track your progress. It can also help to take note of your injuries. Plan your next upcoming steps and make sure you stick to your training program.

·         Mix It Up:. To avoid wear on your muscles, it is wise to alternate your training; incorporate cycling, swimming or deep water running. The key is to ensure that you perform this activity during the same time it would take you to make your objective distance running.

·         Stretching, overheating and low fees: daily Stretch because it will help strengthen your back and your hamstrings muscles. It is also important for the muscles of your stomach to be firm and strong. 15 Minutes of warm-up and a 10 minute cool session session is extremely important. Marathon requires a solid body, do not forget the foundations of the race.

·         Rest: relax lot one day per week for 8 hours of sleep. Doing either Friday or Saturday a day of complete rest for legs. If you do train on Saturday to make a very light training legs.

·         Beware of injuries: If you’re injured beyond one or two days, understand what is wrong. Talk to experienced runners and / or your doctor. Do you push up to what cause you irreparable damage. Don’t forget that your aim is to finish the race, and you must take care of you to do so!

·         Mental training:. Or get up early, at the beginning of a program of physical fitness of your motivation and commitment should last for the long term impact. Run a marathon requires a commitment and motivation, and the belief that the accumulation of all those miles of training will help you achieve your goal.

The first thing to remember is usually training for a marathon will be most difficult in the begining, but it is also the most rewarding. When you are more comfortable with the process, you can begin to set new targets for each season. Your self-confidence will naturally increase after each, and you’ll be training your mind and body in the process.

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