5 Short Hair Styles For Prom

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If you have short hair and you are looking for something fun and easy to do at home before prom, here are some great ideas on what to do for your hair.  When I was in high school, I had shorter hair and it was hard to figure out what to do for prom, so I went with some simple things that I think anyone would look great with done to their hair.

Spiral Curls

In order to get spiral curls for your hair at home, you will need a set of hot rollers commonly found at Walmart or Target. After your hair has been washed and dried, divide hair in to two sections. Place the medium sized hot rollers and put them through the top section of your hair, and place the small rollers through the bottom layer. After about 5 minutes take the small rollers out of hair, and then the medium layers then lightly brush out the curls to give it a more natural look. 

The Bang Bump

The bump is another great one. Not only is it a simple hair do to do at home, but all you need is a bottle of hair spray, mouse, and a comb. In order to achieve this look, simply put mouse through hair from roots to tips. Once you have done that take a comb and separate a section of hair from your temples to a little bit back, then take comb to push your hair back towards the roots repeatedly until section is fluffy. After that, take the comb and gently comb it back in regular way. Spray with strong holding hair spray, and if concerned about it staying use bobby pins to hold in place.

 Glitz and Glam it Up

This is a simple and easy way to make your hair look amazing if you’re not up to spending too much money this season. It is as simple as putting some glitter spray in your hair. This can be done at home. All you need is a glitter spray (much like those found during Halloween) to put in your hair and give it a glistened look.

The Tiara

All you need is a small tiara to do this look. You can find it at Hot Topic or any other store that sells accessories. Simply put it in your hair, and go.

 Sleek and Sophisticated

You’ll need a hair straightener, mouse and hairspray. All you need to do is put mouse through your hair when damp, blow dry and then being using straightener through hair,  small sections at a time. Once hair is fully straightened, take hair spray and spray softly. Not only will this give you a sleek and sophisticated look but it will be ideal for Prom.

I hope that you found these tips helpful and you can have yourself a wonderful prom this year. Good look, and have a blast at prom!


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