How to Get a Six Pack in a Week

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We dream all about it flat belly, stomach tight, sheared six pack abs. We look forward with simple ways to achieve six pack abs in a week and prefer those that require a minimum effort. Unfortunately, this is not so simple and requires hard work and dedication. Although that didn’t seem attractive, but it’s the ugly truth.

How to get a six pack in a week

Strong and defined ABS is the cornerstone of a physical ideal. They also reinforce the basis of body force which is also vital for maximum performance in all your physical activities. There are two things to great abs research. The first is to reduce fat on the stomach which covers your ABS and the second is to strengthen the abdominal doing abdominal exercises. Thinking that the ABS exercises burn belly fat is a myth. The body cannot be forced to lose fat in a particular field in exercising muscles directly beneath this zone. work the exercises, muscles not fat. The only way to lose fat belly, is losing overall body fat mass. Here are some tips to help you to lose body fat and get these dream ABS:

·         Set your target for week: Everyone wants a 6 pack abs but none has a plan to get it. Setting a goal defined for that ABS. Motivate you with a package of 6 abs image in your House and see every day. Whatever happens, don’t lose your motivation! It will take some time should not be impatient.

·         Nutrition – Not only for a week of work out:. Change your diet is the first step toward the losing and gaining muscle fat. You will need a diet balanced carbohydrate, proteins and lipids, and reduce your consumption of calories so that you burn more calories than you consume. Make sure that you’re not too drastically cut calories, because this could have a negative effect on your health. It is easier to consume less calories if you fill out foods rich in fibres with a focus on fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Also, beware of empty calories, like sugary drinks beer etc, you need to eat 4-6 meals throughout the day instead of eating 3 big meals, because this will stimulate your metabolism and reduce hunger.

·         Not to cut fat. Do not cut the fat intake of where this is necessary for bodily functions. Instead go to good fats like olive oil fish, nuts to help you reduce your cholesterol levels and protect your joints.

·         Have-proteins:. Protein foods are a must if you want six pack abs. Reduce carbohydrate and increase the intake of protein quality at every meal. It is the main cornerstone of your muscles. Good sources of protein are chicken, fish, eggs, milk, etc

·         drink more water in first week and increase it: water removes toxins from your body, lets you stay hydrated. It contains no calories and help reduce your feeling of hunger also.

·         Do the cardio:. The cardiovascular exercise such as running, biking, walking fast, swimming, etc are the best exercise to burn fat. You can start with 15 minutes daily from cardio-vascular exercise 3 to 5 days per week and increase it to 45 minutes for the best result.

·         ABS workout has to be increased every week: You do not have to work your ABS every day. It is sufficient to keep 2-3 days (not consecutive) per week for all your muscle groups including the ABS. You do not have to make hundreds of representatives. Just treat your ABS like any other muscle, and concentrate you on this slow and controlled representatives.Some of the exercises abdominal targeting you can do croque, croque oblique, raises the front leg, the leg side raises, sit – ups, croque exercise, ball reverse crunch, lateral side twists and turns.

·         Sleep well: Recovery is also important after the workout. The average adult in good health requires 6-8 hours every night. In the period of rest, the healing of the body and it will be ready for another day.

It takes different time for different people to lose fat the body stores and lose fat in accordance with the genes. You cannot control when and where you lose fat. For example, women often tend to store excess fat in the hips and thighs while men tend to store in the middle and back. Therefore the only thing is to follow a healthy diet of exercise regularly and allow your body to react. Consistency in everything you do is the key to get ripped fast!

Foods to eat to get six abs pack – week scedule:

You have to watch what you eat rather than how much you eat. Eat food to keep body full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrates, and water clean, natural sound. Here are some good foods to eat: Tuna, chicken, peanuts, protein supplements, fruits and vehicles , real fruit juice, whole wheat or whole grain bread, fresh water.

Now make sure you do not eat any food scrap and food unhealthy. Here are the foods you should avoid if you want a lean strong six-pack. Do not eat chips, candy, pop, fast food, beer or alcohol, white bread, a lot of pasta, meat or food or no fat. Take all the crap you diet will give better results in the gym.



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