Inside Halloween Games And Activities

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Carving Pumpkins. Depending on ages and the level of difficulty of your chosen stencils, this activity will take about an hour and you can fry the pumpkin seeds lightly in oil and salt for a tasty treat while you carve.

I Spy. This is a classic among indoor Halloween activities that many kids now do not know how to play. Hide something Halloween related and for older children, this game can be held in the dark, using flashlights.

Halloween sounds dancing and mimicking. Put on a holiday sounds CD and then hold a dancing competition where you do the Werwolf leap and the Vampire Tango. Inside Halloween games are always better with music.

What am I eating? This game uses the imagination, making jello become brains and cookies turn into dusty bones.

Decorate the windows with Halloween pictures and drawings. Free downloads and printable stencils are all over the internet, for free.

More indoor halloween activities.

What am I smelling? Be careful not to get carried away with these inside halloween games or you could end up cleaning up a mess. The sense of smell is connected directly to the stomach.

Make your own decorations such as ghosts made from white garbage bags, newspaper, and bread ties. These are great for hanging in doorways and from trees and if you use fishing line instead of bread ties, they will appear to be floating.

Write a Halloween story together, with each person adding something and then save it until next year, when you can add chapter two.

Make a Happy Halloween banner for your front door. Attach a pen to it and have everyone who comes over in October sign it and write something. Laminate it and put it with your other keepsakes and treasures.

Make Halloween cookies, cupcakes, and other treats. Decorate them according to your theme. Eyeball cookies and severed finger cupcakes are always a hit and not very hard to make. See the articles below for a link to some great and simple Halloween treat recipes.

Watch scary movies and have orange popcorn and black Halloween punch. Food coloring provides these shades cheaply.

I hope these indoor Halloween activities make you holiday brighter.

Happy Halloween!


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