Outdoor Halloween Activities

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Depending on the age group, the following outside Halloween games come highly recommended by parents. Some, like apple bobbing, have been a Halloween staple almost since the holiday began.

Outdoor Halloween activities for Younger kids: Ages 3-7

For younger children, these outdoor Halloween activities are very basic but sure to please.

Vampire, May I? This game is played the same as as Mother, May I, except that you substitute the word Vampire. During parties, the one dressed as a Vampire gets to be the ‘mother’ first.

Banshee contest. Who’s scream sounds the most like a Banshee? Little kids love this one. Take aspirin first. They won’t want to stop.

Ring around the ghosty is also a fun Halloween game for younger children. Simply pick one of them to be the Ghosty and play like the original.

 Tag the monster. Played like tag except one person is the ‘monster’ that tags the others. During parties, the child dressed as a monster should be ‘it’ first. Change the name as needed.

Outside Halloween games and activities: Ages 7-12

Ghost in the graveyard. This game has been around for a very long time and for good reason. It is fun.

Bobbing for apples is an American tradition. No Halloween is complete without it. Have a lot of towels ready.

Monster treasure hunt, where there are body parts to be collected and all of them are ‘icky’. Use realistic props for a more traditional reaction. 

Scary story time. This one is best at dusk, when the shadows are everywhere. Tell tall tales in a tent or around a campfire, using a flashlight sparingly for effects. You might even hook up a sound system for spooky background noises while you tell the stories.

Decorate. Make ghosts and bats, cut from garbage bags and hung from trees and doorways with fishing line. Use helium balloons inside them for the added touch. They will appear to be flying as the wind moves them around.

Make smores. These sweet treats can be purchased with Halloween designs and colors, such as orange marshmallows and monster shaped pieces of chocolate. A perfect addition to story time around a campfire.

Many of these outside Halloween games are also great for other holidays, Most of them simply need a color or name change. I recommend choosing a few that are favorites and making them a family tradition. In todays world of broken homes and single parents struggling to raise their children right, traditions have become a thing of the past. These holiday memories will help to keep you close to your loved ones and will provide memories to be talked about years later. I also recommend taking photos or video. Later in life, you will wish you had them.

I hope these outdoor Halloween activities make your holiday brighter.  

Happy Halloween!


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