Homemade Halloween Decorations

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Homemade Halloween Decorations. Hanging ghosts, spiders, and bats.

Use white and black trash bags, cut out the shapes, draw the eyes and mouth and then fill with newspaper. Tie up with fishing line and hang from trees, doorways, and window sills. 

Window clings

Draw or color Halloween pictures and put them in all your windows. There are many websites where you can download great stencils and pictures, some of them better quality than what you can buy at the local store. For free. You can buy sticky tape to hang these. When you make your own Halloween decorations, you can let children help, something that creates those cherished bonding moments all parents hope for.


Tombstones are easy to make. Take a piece of wood and shape it the way you want your head stone to look. Leaving it square will also work. Paint it grey and let it dry for 24 hours. Then, take black and paint the name and anything else you want to write on it. Bury it three inches into the ground and then dig up the dirt in front of it a bit to resemble a grave. Cover with leaves.


A carved pumpkin instantly says Halloween. After each family member does one for the porch, have them do two smaller ones to be used as yard and window decorations. Do not forget to light them up. I recommend a string of orange or white Christmas lights, which you may already have in the attic if you change the bulbs.


Black and orange balloons strung in a pattern around porches, rails, and driveways are a nice touch and they advertise a party clearly. For a spookier effect, only use black balloons and try to have them filled with helium so that they will float with the wind and appear to be moving on their own.


With paper machete and some paint, you can create a huge number of realistic looking props to decorate with. Bones, including a ribcage and skull. Guts, eyes, fingers, dog-poo, vomit, blood, gore, etc… You can also create mummy’s, monsters, trolls, and all sots of creatures. The internet is a free store of information that will provide detailed instructions for these homemade Halloween decorations.

Used goods

I had to include this, even though the title is homemade. Last year, I threw an $800.00 Halloween Party but only spent $475.00. I did it by purchasing used props off of the internet, at flea markets, and when there were sales. The few days right before any holiday is great for discounted and returned merchandise.


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