The Differences Between a Family Cruise And a Singles Cruise

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A family cruise.

Family trips will include hordes of happily squealing children being shuffled from movies, afternoon clubs, arts and crafts, swimming, nurseries, and babysitters. These are labeled as family vacations but the children are dropped off early in the morning and are them entertained until evening by the ships staff. Normally, an entire deck is devoted to play areas, stages, and the best of the fast food restaurants. Many of these activities are learning experiences and the interactive gadgets do seem to keep the child content while their parents sunbathe, workout, take classes or just relax on deck.

Another of the differences between a family cruise and a singles cruise is having the option to stay together and explore the ship. Family cruises usually have evening activities that include both children and parents, like parties and concerts.

On a family cruise, you will not find clubs, casinos, bars or other such places, unless they are family friendly.

A singles cruise.

These are boating adventures with age limits and a fully planned match up system that really does work. They put hundreds of singles together and set out for the high seas. There are romantic movies and moonlit walks on deck. Dances, clubs, bars, speed dating, blind dates, and enough group activities to give singles a chance at finding their true love.

A singles cruise is a ship of parties and drinks, of romance and discovery. There will be no children present and many ships verify those coming aboard are indeed single.

Entertainment runs the gamut on a singles cruise, from golf courses and gambling establishments to educational classes. Something for everyone.

Prices. A family cruise will be more expensive compared to the same number of tickets for a singles cruise. This is for the extra’s. Food, child care, equipment, materials, time, maintenance and of course, medical. This does not mean there is free medical. There is not, but if a child scrapes a knee and gets a band aid, you will not be charged for it. More serious issues will cost money.

Happy sailing!


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