Today in History January 25, 1971

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Charles Manson and Three of his women followers were convicted in Los Angeles of murder and conspiracy in the 1969 slayings of seven people including actress Sharon Tate.

Charles Mason Born November 12, 1934

His death sentence was automatically commuted to life imprisonment, when a 1972 decision by the Supreme Court of California temporarily eliminated the state death penalty.

In Manson’s Life he had been traded for beer by his mother, to a childless woman that wanted to be a mother.

He spends much of his time in prison, upon release he married and tried to settle down with Rosalie Jean Wills, which gave birth to their son while imprisoned again.  She ironically called the Son Charles Manson Jr.  Manson was in prison during the time she was pregnant. While he was in prison, he was visited by his Mother and wife. 

Actually Manson’s Life was a train wreck, sentenced to prison again, his wife divorces him and was living with another man, with the hopes of marrying him, and making him the step father to their son.

He was released again from prison, and met another young woman, that turned tricks for him, so that they could live off the money.  Again a child was born to him and the prostitute Leona, and they name the Son Charles Luther.

And Jailed again, But upon release this time was granted permission to move to another state, Manson chose San Francisco, he started panhandling to get by, and soon met another woman, and she became the first of 18 that
lived with him or actually them.

Manson was one of a kind; he had turned himself into a Guru and with many followers which were mostly women. 

Then a freak meeting with Dennis Wilson of the beach boys, who picked Manson up hitchhiking, invited Mason to his home, Manson would come to Wilson’s house sometimes with as many as 12 strangers, mostly women.

But in the moment up and left and moved to Spahn Movie Ranch, the ranch had been used many times in Television, and movies sets.  People actually lived in the house, But Manson and his women followers, made their home with the blind 80 year old George Spahn.  Manson ordered his followers to please this man, and they lead him around like Seeing Eye dogs.  One of the women was “Squeaky” Fromme, and she obtained the nick-name by being pinched by George Spahn.

They moved time and time again, and Manson met many along his path.

And for the Murders he is still in prison, it seems that he doesn’t have the spunk he had before, but I bet he would still has those women bowing at his feet…

He is approx. 75 or so today, had been denied parole, and for the crime, I do believe he should always be denied.


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