Chocolate Fountains: A Wedding Don't

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A table full strawberries, bananas, grapes, mini desserts, marshmallows, and graham crackers surrounding a beautiful fountain flowing with chocolate. This center piece of beauty and food grabs the attention of all of your guests.

As elegant and wonderful as a chocolate fountain may seem, there are some warnings that must be shared before you decide to use one at your wedding or special event.

As mentioned above, a chocolate fountain definitely grabs the attention of every chocolate fan in the crowd. When saying every, I mean every chocolate lover in the room, especially children.

Children and chocolate fountains do not go well together. Of course the very fact that the fountain is a focal point of an event, more attention is drawn to it when there are twenty pairs of sticky fingers and chocolate smudged hands running around the room. The hand prints show up everywhere from walls, to clothes, to table clothes. Hands are a much easier tool to get the chocolate than the nice little kabob style sticks that are provided for sanitation and cleanliness. Of course, even when the chocolate has been devoured the fun lingers in a hyperactive child on too much sugar.

The beauty of the chocolate fountain quickly fades as the chocolate supply disappears onto fruit and plates. The less chocolate, the more sputtering action comes from the chocolate fountain as the beauty is only visible when the chocolate is in full supply. With the sputtering of the remaining chocolate, comes the mess. Now, the perfectly displayed table with the wonderful desserts is speckled with dots of chocolaty goodness.

After the event has ended, the fountain needs to be taken care of immediately. The entire fountain needs to be rinsed, but be careful of the electronic parts as those need to be wiped down as opposed to soaking. There are several pieces that come apart and each joint needs to be free of chocolate before it is returned or put away.

There is a mess, a hassle, and much work involved with using a chocolate fountain. To prepare yourself, assign someone to watch over the chocolate fountain during the night. Be sure to have plenty of extra chocolate to keep the fountain from running low and creating a mess. A polite sign asking parents to assist their children when using the fountain may be helpful. Also, be sure to have a cleanup committee with one person in charge of just the chocolate fountain clean up.


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