Lack of Sleep Side Effects

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Lack of sleep is a huge burden on many people.  The results of lack of sleep, whatever the reason, can be detrimental and dangerous.

Lack of sleep can result in:

Falling asleep at the wheel- This happens more than people know, and why many truck drivers are now required to have a sleep study.

Lower level of functioning- You are never at your best after prolonged lack of sleep.

Lack of activity- Being tired discourages most people from doing much, which makes many people turn to eating rather than getting any exercise.  This can cause a multitude of medical problems if gaining wait is a result.

Crabbiness-  This could effect your marriage, relationships, and promote overreacting.

Medical problems- There are just too many to get into.  It also varies due to the causes and severity of your lack of sleep. There are also medical problems, most commonly sleep apnea, that can cause you medical problems due to unwillingness to use CPAP, but there are alternatives to CPAP.

 Problems at work-  There are very few jobs out there where being tired won’t inevitable lead to serious consequences.

There are physical, mental, social, and emotional consequences to lack of sleep.  There is no one solution for everyone.  The most important thing, is to recognize that being tired is an impairment.  It can impair your ability to think, react, and rationalize clearly.  It is important to take this into consideration when you are doing many of the things you would think twice about doing if you were in any other way impaired.   

Lack of sleep does not only affect you, but the people around you.  Treating the cause may be simple or really complicated, but it is very important to take care of yourself to keep your loved ones and other people safe. 


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