Breakouts From Skin Care Products

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Perhaps you have an acne problem or maybe you just break out from time to time. Regardless, when you go to the cosmetics counter and you want to buy makeup, moisturizer or anything to put on your face, you look at the label. If the words hypo-allergenic or non-comedogenic make you feel confident that the product is good and safe for your skin, then you may very well have been duped. Many of the products that bear the label of some of the most trusted, most recognized cosmeceutical companies in the world, have ingredients that are bad for your skin.

Every day wecheck ingredients of the products that our clients have bought elsewhere. In fact, each new client at the clinic is requested to bring in all of their skincare products because so often, those products are clogging their pores and causing or exacerbating their skin condition.

You may believe that you are safe with a specific product because it was a prescription from your dermatologist. Wrong. A prime example is Retin-A, originally formulated by Dr. James Fulton to combat acne. Unfortunately, the present owner of that patent is formulating the cream form of that product with isopropyl myristate, an extremely pore clogging ingredient. Several of our clients came to us with severe acne because their condition became considerably worse following their prescribed use of the cream form of Retin-A. The real tricky part about “acne cosmetica” as it is called, is that you might not see skin problems for up to six months after using the offending ingredients.

Isopropyl myristate is just one of dozens of ingredients used by skin care and pharmaceutical companies that clog pores and cause acne. So, if you want to take charge of your own skin care, you need to get a list of those ingredients and always check the label.

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