How His Stage in Life Affects Your Relationship

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Where your partner in life will affect your relationship. How is this so? Well, when they are in a certain stage in their life, it affects how they can commit to you and treats you. It will affect their schedule and how often they can see you or be there for you. Everything affects your relationship when it comes to your partner’s stage in life. This is why age is accountable for some of the ways that you’re being treated in the relationship. If you date a kid, there will be major differences as to dating an older man. You will see and notice the difference right away. The kid will have less money, time, patience, experiences and intelligence when it comes to dealing with you, however, a man will have more of this stuff for you. It matters as to the stage of your partner in life. You should ask yourself what stage your partner is in life and how it will affect you. What are the different stages in man’s life?


When he’s in college, he will have less time for you. He will have less money. He might be confused due to his lack of experiences in dating. He might be cheating on you because he knows a lot of people. He might be trying to find himself. He might not be a good candidate when it comes to dating.

Trying to find a career

 When a man is trying to find a career, he’s less involved with you. He’s busy hunting for a job and height is irritable. He won’t have a lot of money to take you out on a date. He will be busy and will not be able to date you often. He can’t help you out if you needed help.

Have a good career

When a man has a good career, he will treat you good and he’s available to see you. When he has a good career, he will be financially stable and thus can lend you a helping hand or even take you out. Everything is good when your man has a good career.

Have a bad career

When he hates his career, it will show in your relationship. He will not be happy most of the time and he doesn’t have time to date since he might be looking for another job. You might not have a good time dating him since he’s not that emotionally available.


When he’s divorced, he might have lot baggages like kids and alimony payments. He might not be that wealthy. He might be experienced and know what you want but he’s not the best type around since he has to deal with his baggages.

Have children

When a person has children, they will have less time and energy to deal with you. Children will be in the way of your relationship. This is why you need to see whether he has children or not. If he has children, he will be less financially available and emotionally available to you. Children are a big responsibility and he can’t be there at all for you sometimes. You might want a die but he had to take his kids to the ball game or to his mom’s house. There are some problems dating divorced men with children and this affect you’re relational in every way and you should know that.


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