Should You Marry For Money

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Should you marry for money? This is a hard question for many of us women. There are some who will never think about marrying for money while others will do anything just to marry someone who has money and they couldn’t care less about love. They will price for the price of using people but everything in life has its consequences. You will reap what you sow. However, it’s great to be able to find love and financial security at the same time. No one can stand a bum anyways. You wouldn’t date him if he approaches you.

It’s entire up to you and whether you want love or short term financial gain and then disparity. You are not guaranteed that you will get anything out of them. Just because someone has money, it doesn’t mean that you will get all of it. It doesn’t mean that they will give you everything. Most of the time, you will end up with more problems like affairs, abuse, and neglect. They might even end up kicking you out one day because they don’t like you or that they found someone new and better looking. There is a trend with men with money. They tend to do these same things like looking for hot women to sleep with or indulge in drugs. You can end up living with their dangerous lifestyle. You will never know what kind of hell you’re getting into with people with money. The ones with money are the ones that live the reckless style because they have too much money and they don’t care about anything else.

How long will it last anyways when there is not a lot of love in it? People will treat you less than what you are and you won’t feel good about it. You won’t walk around with a lot of dignity. You have to obey them like a slave. I rather am poor. I’ve been in a lot abusive situation and the people that abuse me didn’t even have money. They’re poor and they’re family. I even had several poor boyfriends who abused me. If they’re rich, they will less likely to sit around and have patience for you since they have hundreds of women waiting to get a piece of the pie. I think marrying for money is not a smart thing. If you marry someone you love and they have money then it’s a good thing but don’t ever marry for money alone. You might have to pay for it and the price is not worth it. You will find yourself lonely and looking for love very soon.


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