How to Assess Your Heart

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Stress test

You can do a stress test to see how your heart is doing. You can run on a treadmill to see if your heart will respond ok or if you will get really tired afterward. If you get really tired and can’t run then you’re in bad health. If your heart starts to beat irregularly after you run, then you’re in bad health as well. A good heart will endure the test.

Heart rate

You can measure your heart rate to see if you’re healthy or not. This is when you find out own your heart is doing. A fast heart rate, above the average, indicates that your heart or health is not normal and you need to see a doctor. A low heart rate also indicates tam tour heart is not doing well and that your health is not good either. You will also need to see a doctor for it. You can check with feeling your pulse or get a machine to read it. It’s more accurate if you have been resting for awhile so that the heart rate is normal.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure can evaluate how your heart is doing. It can tell whether your heart is pumping strongly or weakly or how your blood flow is doing. You can get a reading at the doctor’s office or you can buy the blood pressure cuff and do it yourself at home.


If the rhythm is regular then your heart is in good condition but if it’s irregular then you might want to report it to the doctor. All heart rates are supposed to be normal.


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