Are You Ready For a Gay President

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Are Americans ready when gays can become president? Would you accept the fact that your president who makes all sorts of ethical decisions is a gay person? Does sexual orientation affects the president’s abilities to do his job right? I think that gay men can do the job well because if he doesn’t, they won’t vote for him the next time around, so I’m not really worry if he’s gay or not gay. I’m sure that all the officers underneath him will keep him in check. It’s not like he’s a dictator. I would worry if he’s a dictator since he would totally have a lot of negative feelings for straight people. It’s like pay back time.

Since there are a high percentage of people who are gay, I don’t think that it will be a problem in America. If you look at a dating website, you will see that there is almost the same number of gay as to straight people looking for love. This indicates that about 2 in 5 people are gay or will most likely engage in sexual relationship with the same gender. Because of this information, I think that a gay candidate will not have problems getting votes and getting seated as president.

I’ve have had gay professors and gay doctors before so I know that they are capable of doing their job and they can separate their career from their personal lives. I know that I’m capable of doing my job regardless of where I’m in my personal relationship. It’s a separate thing for me. I know that it can be separate things for other people as well. I know that you will not look at the president in the same eyes as you would if he was straight but that will not affect his job since most people don’t carry their personal lives to work. They wear a different hat when they show up to work. If there was a good candidate running, and he was gay, I would vote for him, hoping that he would do just as well as a straight candidate. It’s funny, but somehow, gay men are good at a lot of things that straight men aren’t good at like cooking or cosmetology.


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