Stem Cell Transplant Lead to Virus Dissapearance

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Today I read an article about HIV and how stem cell transplant can help slow down the disease or even eradicates it. It’s a miraculous discovery when a doctor who treated his leukemia patient, who also has Aids, and found that stem cell transplant, has a good by products. It keeps the patient’s white cells counts up to normal limit for about 3 years as reported by this particular doctor. You can find the article listed with this article. I think this is a fantastic finding. However, transplant is very costly. I just hope that HIV patients can be saved through this method because living with Aids is just hopeless. This might just give Aids patients more hope.

I also read another article where a medication can cure Aids. All of these curing agents are coming up in 2010, so I’m very happy to see it because I’m in the healthcare field and it’s always great to see new discoveries and especially those that benefits everyone and especial those living with the diseases. If you know someone living with Aids, they can try to tap into the new treatment and see what’s in store for them. It’s so unfortunate when someone ends up with Aids and it’s a great thing that there is new treatment to prolong their lives. However the best treatment is prevention and it’s better to have not contracted than to contract it.

Stem cell is the solution for a lot of health problems and I hope that the government will look into funding stem cell research. I was really tired of President Bush, not funding it over ethical problems. Well, not everyone is a Christian and not everyone who lives in the US thinks that it’s unethical and it doesn’t mean that we will get stem cell from healthy babies anyways. You have to think of the risk versus the benefits. You could benefit the entire world with little sacrifices. I could understand not testing products for beauty but it’s entirely different when it comes to saving people’s lives. We are comparing oranges and apple. The answers are there but people don’t want to push it forward in the White House, maybe it’s time that we get new people to sit in the White House.



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