Mcdonald Sued Because of Kids Meals

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I read on the news recently about a lady who sued McDonalds for the kids meals menu. She said that she can’t stop her kids from ordering the kids meals because they’re not healthy for them. She also don’t like the fact that out of all the companies who sell unhealthy food products, McDonalds is the one that target kids when marketing. She doesn’t like the fact that they use toys to lure kids into buying kids meals and to cater unhealthy foods to kids.

I think that kids in the US are having enough problems with weight already. You would see 11 years old weighing over 200 lbs. It’s bad for their health and self-image. They gain a lot of weight over fast food anyways because most kids nowadays can’t stay away from fast food restaurants and that’s what they eat mostly since their parents are busy working most of the time. When restaurants add toys, kids can’t stay away from free toys so they will most likely buy kids meals. It’s kind of like giving away free alcohol to everyone who do grocery shopping, and the alcoholic will not be able to stay away from that store and non-alcoholic will become alcoholic. It’s just a bad idea over all.

McDonald’s food is good when you’re hungry but I don’t eat it daily. You get tired of cheap food and I think McDonald is really is cheap food since beef patty and buns aren’t the most healthiest or exotic food in the world. I rather have tacos or Chinese since it taste a little better anyways. Would you feed your kids McDonalds daily? I don’t think you should because you will build their taste to be fries and burgers and they will get use to it. You are telling them that it’s ok to eat unhealthy food. You should not eat unhealthy food when you’re young. Fries has a lot of oil in it. Soda has a lot of sugar in it. Beef patty has a lot of oil and cholesterol in it. A kid meal would leave your child with tons of oil and sugar in their system and if they eat it more than 3 times a week, they will get sick. It’s better to give them some take out Chinese because they have less sugar and oil in them than burgers and fries. Rice is healthy and vegetable mix is healthy so Chinese food is better. I think that McDonald should try to make their meal healthier or offer vegetarian for the vegan crowd to boost their business.


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