How to Get Better Sleep

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Exercising will help you sleep well because it will reduce stress and produce good hormones that will balance things out. Exercising will also loosen up your blood vessels and help reduce your blood pressure so that you will be relaxed enough for sleep. It will also stimulate your nerves so that you will be relaxed enough for a good night of sleep.

Reduce stress

Stress will keep you up at night. You might be bothered by your work or that your relationship is in trouble. You should resolve this before you go to sleep so that you won’t have trouble sleeping.

Don’t drink coffee

You should not drink coffee since it’s a stimulant and it will keep you up at night. Coffee will also increase blood pressure and it will stress you out or give you anxiety problems. You should only drink this during the day time or before six pm so that you won’t be anxious when it’s time to go to bed.

Have a quiet room

You should have your room quiet so you can sleep. Who can sleep when there is a party going on or that are people around?

A dark room will stimulate your brain and tell it to sleep. A dark room is very helpful to those who work during the night time.

Sleeping pills

If you really can’t sleep, you should talk to your doctor and they will prescribe you sleeping aids to help you sleep.

Comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothing will help you sleep better. It’s hard to sleep in jeans or jackets. You need a soft pair of pj for your night.

A bath

A bath might help you sleep better because when you’re clean, you can sleep without scratching yourself every now and then. It’s hard to sleep when you’re dirty or sweaty. You will be up scratching all night.


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