How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

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A job as a certified nursing assistant is a great career choice. You will be able to work in most healthcare settings including the hospital. You will have a great career that pays decent compare to other jobs. A C N a career will allow you to be independent because it’s very easy to find a job as a C N A. they’re eerier and it’s easy to get hired. All you need to have is a licensed and you’re ready for a new career.

There is C N A training program in each city. You can goggle search it. It might be offered at a community college too. It’s a very short program and you can get into the program very easily. You don’t have to do any prerequisites and it’s very inexpensive. It cost about $1400 for the program. You might have to go to the care center to do your clinical. However, the program is as short as 4 months at a community college and about two months in a private program. There is financial aid available for those who need it at a college but not at some of the private program.

What will you are doing as a C N A? A C N A is a nursing assistant and that means you assist the nurse. You don’t assist anyone else but the nurse. You’re not a physician’s assistant, or a Rat’s assistant. You’re only the nurse’s assistant and under the law, you’re only allowed to assist the nurse or do things that are not against the law for your job. You will be doing vitals, patients care, grooming, bathing, changing beds, administrative duties and so forth but nothing related to medications or injections. You do a lot of reporting to the nurses if you catch a patient not in their safe mode. You report everything to the nurse. You also do charting of your vitals but you don’t go beyond that. It’s an easy and rewarding job that is easy to find. You should go into if you want to be a C N A.


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