The Cosmopolitan And City Center Review in Vegas

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If you’re going to be in Las Vegas this New Year, 2011, you have to visit a few new places and they’re much better than the old casinos that’ve been there on the strips. You will get to see newly design exteriors and interior, like never before. I was stunned when I walk in during Christmas. I was blown away by the extra exotic designs and high ends retailers. I couldn’t afford Chanel but it was nice to see it all. I’m sure you love to window shop too. This is what’s it all about. Window shopping at City Center and Cosmopolitan. They’re the hottest places that eveyrone need to visit this year.

How was the service at the these new places? The services seem a little better, knowing that they hired experienced people to work there. The employees are also very polish and intelligent looking. I hated going to old casinos where you see employees who resembles street people. They didn’t care about their personal appearances and they look unintelligent, well not at the Cosmopolitan or the Crystals at City Center. I was so impresss, that I will be visiting again for New Year. I rather hang out in there than at the old casino anyways, but it looks like there were more people at the old casinos like Bellagio. The buffet line at the Bellagio was thousands people long. I guess it was a good buffet. Nothing will beat an experienced chef that knows what people want.

I’ve heard that the Cosmopolitan hired away some of the best people from the Wynn and other casinos. I just hope that they make it in this sluggish economy. I also heard that the rules of their games aren’t that appealing either. I sure like the designs of Cosmopolitan. It sures is unique. The people that work there seem friendly but a bit snobby. However, they’re new in town and are striving against the big guys. The staff there seem like they just pop out of a TV show or a magazine. They look flawless. I sure recommend people to visit Crystal and the Cosmopolitan this New Year. They will take your breath away.


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