Why Private School Can be a Bad Idea

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How do you know if you land a good private school? Public school or government school might provide a better education and classroom environment than some private school, where regulation is not so high. I’ve recently had a terrifying experience with a private school and I want people to take it and learn from it. I went to a private Nursing program and it was bleeding bad. I finally quit and trying hard to go back to a government regulated program. I guess people run wild when no one watches over them.

I went to this private school and I had no idea it was going to turn out to be a bad school. You just never know until you experience it. This is why it’s important for a person to actually read reviews on certain unknown private school or business before they actually put their money in. I feel like a fool now that I lost my money but I’m going to court or the state board to try to get a refund. Private businesses are less professional than government ran business. I hope people will read reviews and actually check out the business before they put their money in. This is the second time that I’ve been a fool. The first time was when I took out a car lease with the most unprofessional company in the world and had car problems for like ten times in a week. I’ve learned my lesson well.

The private school that I went to was the worst program I’ve ever been into. It seems like Hitler‘s concentration camp. The instructor was like 70 years old and she couldn’t barely walk, talking about instructing us. She was so old school and she was instilling a lot of things that she had learned back in the 1920‘s but we are in the 2011 now. She should update herself. You should definitely check out the business and who‘s in it before you put your money down. Not every business out there is ethical. This is why reputation is everything. If you hear good things about a company, it‘s probably is good. If you hear bad things about a company, it‘s probably is really bad. Before you go for something, you should Google them and see if there is any bad reviews about them.


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