Things to do in Cincinnati, Ohio During The Winter

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Winter activities in Cincinnati

Fountain Square. Downtown Cincinnati’s fountain square is the bustling center of this river edged town of business and industry. Winter activities in Cincinnati start with the tree being placed in the square but this is no boring ceremony. There is ice skating, caroling, hot chocolate stand, vendors, charities, choirs, and of curse, Santa’s. This is the beginning of things to do in Cincinnati, OH during the winter and holiday season. Admission to the square is free and shuttle service from most neighborhoods is available.

The festival of lights at the Cincinnati zoo.  This is a stunning display of Christmas and holiday themes done in lights. Huge, waving palm trees hang over exotic bird cages and glowing fish line aquariums and tanks. It is a colorful tribute to the start of the holiday season and includes caroling, pictures with Santa, merrily dressed workers, and when nature provides the timing, zoo babies. No trip or life in Cincinnati is complete without seeing the amazing collection of endangered babies the Cincinnati zoo helps bring into the world. What man has almost wiped out, these dedicated professionals work endlessly to replace. It is the top of the list of winter activities in Cincinnati, OH.

The holiday in lights, in Sharonville. Just off interstate 75, the festival in lights is a mile long drive through the woods that are full of holiday light displays. From current film and animation to the classics most people grew up with, this short drive is well worth the admission price. The best part? You never have to get the kids out of the car and yet, you are having a family bonding moment that does not include the newest toy in your kids meal.

Sled riding. When the hills and valleys are covered in layers of white, join the kids on their inner-tubes and fly down sloping slides of fun. Announced to the news, properties open their empty hills to allow youngsters to play, using a do so at your own risk policy. many winter activities in Cincinnati are like that. Falls are likely, as this part of Ohio sees a lot of ice.

New for 2010, is the concept of holding sled riding races to raise money for local homeless and animal shelters.

More winter activities in Cincinnati

Many neighborhoods host snow ball fights for charity, along with parades, winter carnivals, and bazaars. A local paper will have a huge list of each weeks events.

Sleep outside night raises awareness for the homeless and has become an annual event that has helped those less fortunate all over the city.

Home lighting contests are rampant throughout the city and entry is free.

These are some of the best things to do in Cincinnati, OH during the winter.


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